You Are Already a Successful Writer Stop Using This Damaging Word

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My 12-year-old son taught me this and he is so right.

He makes YouTube videos about gaming, he tells people that he is a professional gamer. He believes it, he lives and breathes it.

I read comments every day from people who say they “wish” they could earn more money from writing or they “wish” they could be a writer. If you write and post content more often than not, you ARE a writer.

Some people say well, she’s not a “real” writer because she’s not a bestselling author or she’s a blogger, not a writer. I notice that some writers on here and other platforms call themselves “aspiring” writers.

Remember this the next time you use the word “aspiring” to describe yourself. If you write, it doesn’t matter how terrible your writing is, you ARE a writer.

When you want something in life, you have to step into the shoes of that person. You ARE already a writer, you don’t WANT to become a writer. You ARE a writer.

Your articles might not receive all the claps and comments but if you keep telling yourself you are an aspiring writer, you will spend your life looking up to the top writers and wishing to be like them.

You belittle yourself when you call yourself an aspiring writer.

Get up every day and step into the shoes of the writer you are. Don’t tell yourself you WANT to become a writer. Act, think and show up as a professional writer.

Let me tell you a quick story, I have a friend who is a football player. He tells people that he is a professional football player. He plays for a semi-pro team, he doesn’t get paid, he lives with his mother, he hasn’t reached Ronaldo status yet however, he tells everyone he is a pro football player and lives and breathes football.

He wakes up, trains, eats, sleeps, trains again and repeats the process. He finds odd jobs to do to make money to survive but to him, he is a professional football player and he doesn’t care what anybody else thinks.

There is nothing wrong with learning from the successful writers out there, spend time with them, assimilating their content and pearls of wisdom but don’t belittle yourself in the process.

F**k being humble! You are the main character of your life. Act like it.

I don’t have inspirational quotes from gurus to inspire and motivate you here, I am the guru.

Stop being humble and playing small, you are a writer, act like it. Point. Blank. Period.

Remove the word “aspiring” from your life. You are that person, be that person.



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