Writing on Simily: 6 Months Later, is it Worth it?

Simily is the newest social content creation platform for writers but is it worth it?


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In January, I challenged myself to publish 30 pieces of content on Simily. If you don’t know what Simily is, here’s the juice:

Simily is a new social content creation platform and some people have compared to it to Medium. It has a long way to go before we can compare it to Medium however, it’s pay structure is not too bad for a new platform.

There are major technical issues with the platform which is one of the reasons why people complain non-stop about Simily, but is it worth it?

My Simily Earnings

In January, I earned enough to get paid which is $10. I earned $10.24. I re-published content from Medium and old content from my abandoned Vocal Media account. I also published some random content from my Google Drive.

I wrote two or three original pieces and the rest was repurposed content.

I published 100 pieces for the month and went silent in February. I still publish once in a while and I’m earning approximately $10 to $15 a month on there.

Read about my Simily challenge here:

Is Simily Worth it?

Simily is a fiction-heavy platform. It’s designed specifically for fiction content however, it does have a self-help category and personal stories category.

I know that some fiction writers want to keep non-fiction writers away from Simily because they think they deserve a space for fiction content only.

I don’t agree, there’s space for everyone. After all, you can write whatever you want on Medium both, fiction and non-fiction.

I write non-fiction content and some poetry here and there on Simily. I plan on doing a poetry challenge on there soon because I’ve noticed that my poems get more attention on there.



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