Writers Use This Hashtag to 10x Your Audience on Twitter

Twitter is an underrated tool, use it to boost your audience and gain authority in your chosen niche


Twitter is my favourite social platform. It does feel like you are stepping into rush hour traffic when you log in but it’s a great place for writers.

Use this hashtag to attract reads, followers, likes and retweets. Twitter is a place where unknown people share your content. It’s fabulous, I love it.

The hashtag is #writerslift

Share your content, tag the pub and the platform, for example Medium. Then, add the hashtag to your post.

A while back, one of my articles went viral because Medium reposted my Tweet. It also ended up on the publication’s Twitter feed. You can literally change your life by Tweeting your content links and adding #writerslift

Don’t abuse it though, don’t add it to every post be selective.

Good luck!

I am writing 400 short form articles in October. This article 57.



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