Vocal Media: My Last Warning

I have warned fellow writers about Vocal Media in the past, I am warning you again! Stay away from this platform!

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I won’t be warning you about Vocal Media again because I am tired of complaining about them however, I have to put this last warning out there because they really and truly are the worst bunch of people out there on the Interwebs.

I published an article about their shady practices where I explained how they refused to pay me a whole $400 because they couldn’t “verify” my traffic. I eventually got paid after my lawyer friend sent them a strong warning.

My closest friend and business partner is going through the same thing right now with these wicked people.

She is owed more than $800, why have they refused to pay her? The same reason, they can’t “verify” her traffic.

She received an email yesterday stating that her account is under investigation for “fake traffic” and fraud. Really?

Let me tell you something, my friend is a popular influencer on Instagram and YouTube, anything she shares on her Instagram or through her YouTube channel goes semi-viral. They are fully aware that she is a well-known influencer therefore, I am shocked and disturbed to find out that they have refused to pay her.

She made a request for payout of $500, the payment went through smoothly. A couple of weeks later, three articles had gone viral and these articles had accumulated more than $800. She made a request to withdraw the money, they rejected her request. No email, nothing.

She contacted support the following day, they replied two days later stating that she won’t be getting her money anytime soon because he account is under investigation for fake traffic and fraud. When she questioned them about it, they responded saying that her traffic looks suspicious.

Again, they point blank told her that she will not receive her money and there is nothing she can do about it.



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