Vocal Media Are Throwing Money at Their Writers to Keep Them on the Platform

Bonuses and Sign up Incentives


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If you read my content, you will know that I am in the middle of a 100 articles Vocal Media challenge. This month, I am going all in on the platform and I have noticed strange things happening.

My Vocal + membership ended and I didn’t renew it. They sent me message saying that they have gifted me two months membership plus a $10 bonus.

Also, the other day, I got a $10 bonus for being active on the platform. Then, another $10 for a top story. I am not complaining at all but it does seem like Vocal are throwing money at their writers to keep them coming back for more.

The truth is, some people don’t earn more than a dollar per article therefore, $10 here and there is most definitely a good incentive for newbie writers to flock to Vocal.

I am gaining some traction on Vocal but I have to admit, there is a lot of work involved. You need to put in so much work to get traffic to your posts.

I plan to step away from Vocal when my challenge ends. I will wait for my pennies to stack up and withdraw when I reach my payment threshold again. I will keep my articles on there and market the crap out of them but I won’t spend hours writing for Vocal.

I do plan on posting one or two Interviews on there though because they recently introduced a new community called “Interview.” It looks like a good place for budding and professional journalists to house their interview features.

Do you think Medium should start offering random bonuses too?



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