There is Something Seriously Wrong With Simily

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Simily is facing some major problems; they need to own up to the problems and fix them.

Simily, burying your head in the sand will not fix the problem. Taking decisive action will.

If you’re not familiar with Simily, it’s an online publishing platform that allows writers to publish fiction and non-fiction content. It’s primarily a fiction-focused platform, but you can still publish non-fiction content on there.

I’ve pretty much given up on Simily however, I still have lots of content published there.

Here’s the problem:

Two weeks ago, I held an in-person class at a major college in Accra, Ghana. More than 400 people turned up to learn how to make money online in Africa. We had a blast!

I used a specific article that I published on Simily as an example of the type of content that gains traffic and makes money.

I sent the link out to the live chat group as some people tuned in online and some were based in the auditorium at the university. I also placed the link in the digital handout for the in-person students to read.

I know for a fact that at least 300 people clicked on that link. Why? Because they sent detailed emails with questions about the content. I received exactly 320 emails. I also answered more than 50 questions throughout the session.

The article should have gained more than 200 views at the very least. However, two weeks later, the stats show 2 views. I sent a message to the Simily team about it and they said:

“We use Google Analytics, there’s nothing wrong with it, your views are correct.”


Please see the screenshot below:

This isn’t the first time this has happened either, it’s happened multiple times.

Simily needs to sit down and take a long, hard look at the way they run the site because if they don’t, they will drive people away.

Out of 600 total seminar attendees, 200 people signed up for Simily to write content and provided feedback:

150 out of the 200 quit within the first week. The main reason for quitting is:



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