Medium Deleted My Account and it Destroyed My Earnings — But I’m on a Mission to Bounce Back

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Some time ago, Medium deleted my other account Abena Talks Health. After being rejected several times for the Medium Partner Program, I eventually got accepted.


😢Doom and gloom.

One fateful morning, Medium wiped my page off the face of the Interwebs. Boooohooo!

You can read about my experience here:

I got my account back but it destroyed my earnings. Drastically.

In a short time, I had built an income of $10 a day, which is not too shabby considering it’s a new account. Then, my account disappeared and everything went South when I eventually got my account back.

I’m still struggling to build it back up but…

I have a plan to bounce back:

I’m going to do what I always do and set a challenge. I’m already working on a 100 article challenge over there, I’m almost done.

I’m setting another major challenge for October:

  • Create one Gumroad eBook for Abena Talks Health brand
  • Upload 30 shortform articles
  • Upload 20 shortform articles
  • Engage, engage, engage.

It’s a simple strategy but I know I can bounce back and build my income to $20 a day if not more if I stick with this strategy.

For my shortform content I’m going to use this strategy right here:

Have you ever woken up to a deleted account before?

Let’s chat in the comments.

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