Make $10,000 a Month or More With UGC Creation

You get to live your life as you usually would and still make money


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I recently read an article by Mike Lewis, read it here. In the article, Mike makes some powerful points about making more money instead of cutting back. I agree.

I have nine income streams at the moment and I’m building more. I don’t burn myself out to make this money, I have a team. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Stop complaining and penny pinching. Make more money.

Recently, I started earning extra money from something called UGC Creation.

What is UGC Creation?

It’s simple:

UGC stands for User-Generated Content. How can you make money from UGC Creation?

It’s easy.

Brands need content to promote their products and potential customers are more likely to purchase something when they’ve watched a video or read some content about the product.

Hold up! We’re not talking random review content here from people who rewrite or repurpose content. We’re talking about content that explains how the product works and highlights all the features of the product in a realistic and informative way.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Through social platforms (TikTok and Instagram)
  • By writing useful content about the product that you’ve already used and explaining how it works in detail.

The first one is the most profitable because brands use your content for adverts and social media content.

You can deliver the service as a package for a certain number of videos or articles.

For example:

  • five videos for $x
  • Ten articles for $x

First, you have to use the product and make the most out of the product. Then, you create content about the product providing detailed feedback on how the product works.

The brand can pay you a lump sum for the content or, pay you a lump sum and offer you a revenue share model in addition to the lump sum fee.



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