I feel inspired when I go silent for a minute

Total silence


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Today I watched a hard-hitting video by one of the most talented creators on YouTube. He goes by the name of D. James, and his content is refreshing, raw, and honest.

I woke up to this stupidly smooth video and instantly felt this rush of inspiration. I don’t usually search for inspiration before creating something new, but after watching this video, I made this silent observation: I feel inspired when I go silent for a minute.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been so focused on deepening my meditation practice. Every morning, sit for 30 minutes in complete silence. No music, no voices, just me and the breeze.

I meditate outside. Total immersion. It’s potent; it’s real.

Anyway, right now, I’m reading more. I’m learning more, I’m connecting more, and I’m creating more, but not in a hustle-and-bustle type of way. I’m writing more poetry, short stories, creating visual art pieces, and delving deeper.

Image from Canva designed by Abena Creates

I’m writing a new book, a follow-up to my first personal book, Delve:My Heartfelt Notes on Delving Deep and Climbing High.

I’m also working on building a library of creative works that have nothing to do with “make money online” topics, mainly focusing on holistic health, fruit-related and visual art.

The truth is, I have ADHD. I rarely talk about it, but I have a million thoughts spinning around my head every single day. Sometimes I feel like working on my YouTube channel, and other times I want to work on something else.

I’m learning to embrace my creative mess, and so I allow myself the freedom to work on everything and anything. I have structured days where I try my best to focus on one thing, then I have days where I work on whatever I want and dip in and out, here and there, without a care in the…



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