Earnings Report: How Much I Earned on My First Day With a Brand New Medium Account (Google News Method)

My Google News method is a “day 1” money-maker!


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I’m building multiple Medium pages, and this is my latest page. For this particular page, I focus on general news content.

I published my first piece on Friday, September 15, and so far, I’m happy with the results.

To be clear, I only shared my first article once, I didn’t post comments, and I didn’t follow any other writers. I had planned to follow at least ten writers on my first day and leave comments, but I didn’t have time in the end.

Here’s my process for this page:

✅I scrolled through Google News and Digg.com

✅Then, I made a list of potential articles to write based on the articles I found on this site.

✅My goal is to focus mostly on science, tech, and health news; however, I will post other news if it stands out.

✅I published a piece of content about drug abuse and overall for this first piece of content, I earned:

Screenshot from my Medium page

As you can see, I earned $33 on the first day. No, it’s not a huge chunk of money, but it’s pretty good for my first day of content. Also, for an account with zero followers, that’s some good money.

💡The article received 169 member reads, which means I received an average of 19 cents per click on the first day for this article.

My goal is to publish at least three news pieces every day based on content I find on Google News and Digg. I’m also about to create a YouTube channel to repurpose this news content.

In terms of monetization, I’m monetizing with the Medium Partner Program for now, but later on down the line, I might add a few affiliate links here and there.

My simple Google News method is really effective for making fast money on Medium and Hubpages. However, right now, I’d choose Medium over Hubpages and any other platform because you can literally make your first dollar online on the first day.

So, as you read this, stop wasting time, create a new Medium account, and start reporting the news! Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

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