Blogging my Life as a Full-time Blogger and Digital Entrepreneur — Planting Seeds Every Day

Every day I’m planting seeds


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You never quite know what you do in life that leaves a seed behind that grows into an oak tree.” — Michael Portillo

People often ask me how I find the motivation to keep writing and coming up with new ideas every day. I always respond with this answer:

Farmers can’t sit around and wait for things to happen, they need to plant seeds, prepare the ground, feed the seeds, and water the ground. Their work never stops. I’m a digital farmer, I plant seeds (digital assets) I water them, I plant more seeds and I keep going every day. Even on Sundays, I’m up working on my craft because it’s all part of the legacy that I will leave behind.”

Today is Sunday, and I’m blogging. I feel blessed to share my experiences with the world because if I can inspire or motivate one person every day, my work is done.

I’m building a community right now of passionate creators who wish to manifest their best content-creator lives. I’m excited because so many people want to live a life of freedom as online writers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, video creators, or ebook writers but the main problem is their mindset.

Some struggle with self-doubt, confusion, procrastination, and lack of direction when it comes to content creation and I want to help steer people in the right direction to build consistency and focus.

Life is too short to sit around waiting for the perfect time, the time is now!

This morning I woke up feeling so grateful for my life. I feel so free. Each day is like a new adventure. Coming up with fresh ideas, motivating people, and working toward new goals is the ultimate freedom for me. I love every second of my days as a full-time creator and digital entrepreneur.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive. You don’t need permission to start your online empire, you can start now with a Medium page, a free newsletter on Gumroad, and Google Docs.

Eventually, you can build a website but you can start from nothing and work your way up. I would…



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