Avoid Vocal Media Like the Plague!

Vocal Media is the worst content platform online


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This is the final article in my series of Vocal Media rants. I won’t waste my time and energy posting any more content about this wicked and heartless group of individuals. I have written a letter to the CEO, I have sent countless emails to the support department, I am appalled by their actions and I plan to take legal action. They better be ready!

If you don’t know what Vocal Media is, they are a sorry, sad alternative to Medium. They charge writers $9.99 per month to join their Vocal Plus membership which allows writers access to their cash prize writing contests. As a Vocal Plus member, you will also receive $6 per thousand views.

Here’s the issue, they have refused to pay me for my hard work.

Currently, I have $400 pending and the lame excuse they gave me was that they cannot verify my traffic sources. They did this for my first payment, they couldn’t provide any proof, they eventually paid me.

This is my 3rd payment from Vocal and they refuse to provide any kind of proof that I apparently “gamed” their system. I have actually stopped sharing my Vocal content, I don’t even share my Vocal articles on Medium anymore because they question everything. Clearly, my traffic came from Google because I don’t share my content anymore.

The final email they sent to me stated that they will not be paying me and I am welcome to delete my articles and close my account. I am disgusted, disturbed, beyond livid.

I am about to publish an article about them in a big UK publication. I will take legal action. It’s just $400 but it’s my $400, I worked hard for it and I deserve to receive my money.

I am writing this to warn anyone who plans to put their time and effort into writing for this platform. Anyone who wants to quit Medium to focus on Vocal, don’t. I know, some people have good things to say about Vocal but all you need to do is take a look through the Vocal Facebook groups to see the endless complaints about this useless platform.

They don’t care about their writers, they never will.



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