✍️ Female Writers and Digital Entrepreneurs! I Want to Share Your Work and Connect — Let’s Build Community and Start Meaningful Conversations

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Hey there female writers! As I’m about to relaunch my Women in Business Rock series on Medium and via my newsletter, I would love to connect with more forward-thinking female writers on Medium.

Here’s the rundown:

✅I’m building a platform for female digital entrepreneurs (launching very soon)

✅In the meantime, I want to connect with more female writers and digital entrepreneurs

✅I will be featuring new and established female writers and digital entrepreneurs right here on Medium and on my newsletter.

✅If you are female, you write on Medium, your own blog, or on any other platform, drop your link below.

✅If you are a female and you run an online business, again, drop your link below.

I’m looking forward to building solid relationships with more like-minded women.


Also, sign up for the newsletter, we have cash prize giveaways going on over there, valuable content, challenges, and much more. Please sign up ➡️here

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